Spezialausgabe zu „Responsible Science Communication across the Globe”

24. Juni 2022 Citizen Science
Brille auf offenem Buch
Anfang Juni ist die vierte Ausgabe des "Journal of Science Communication" erschienen.

Die vierte Ausgabe des "Journal of Science Communication" des Jahres 2022 behandelt das Thema "Responsible science communication across the globe". 

Folgende elf Open-Access-Artikel wurden veröffentlicht:

  • Inclusion, reflection and co-creation: responsible science communication across the globe
  • The ‘Engagement Incubator’: using design to stimulate reflexivity about public engagement with science
  • Towards the reflective science communication practitioner
  • Levelling the playing field: lessons from sport on re-framing science engagement as a benefit to the individual
  • Roles, incentives, training and audiences for science communication: perspectives from female science communicators
  • A methodological approach to co-design citizen science communication strategies directed to quadruple-helix stakeholders
  • Responsible science communication in Africa: rethinking drivers of policy, Afrocentricity and public engagement
  • Commentary: rethinking iteratively (from Australia)
  • Responsible science communication in Latin America: reflections on challenges
  • Developing open, reflexive and socially responsible science communication research and practice
  • Beyond the needs of science — can opennes and reflexivitiy push the polish science communication further?


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