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The Center for Citizen Science of the OeAD was established in June 2015 by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. It serves as an information, advisory and service center for Citizen Science. With it, the OeAD primarily addresses researchers and scientific institutions with the aim of promoting the Citizen Science research approach in Austria.

Current Initiatives

  • Sparkling Science 2.0
    With "Sparkling Science 2.0", the OeAD funds research projects on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research in which research and educational institutions and, as far as possible, civil society also cooperate and jointly contribute to the generation of innovative research results. 
  • Citizen Science Award
    For school classes and individuals: Every year, the OeAD Centre for Citizen Science organises the research competition to get interested people excited about science and to encourage them to participate in research in various citizen science projects. At the end, cash and non-cash prizes await the winners.
    For researchers: Every autumn, scientists who lead an ongoing Citizen Science project have the chance to apply to become part of the Citizen Science Awards in the following year and to win new Citizen Scientists.
  • Alliance for Responsible Science
    The association of institutions from the fields of science, research, education and practice works on anchoring the Responsible Science objectives.

Cooperation Science & School

Young Science is a focal point at the Center for Citizen Science and offers Austrian schools and research institutions a wide range of opportunities for contact and cooperation. Young Science regularly informs about events, networking opportunities, projects, calls for proposals, etc. on its website, via newsletter and Facebook.

Young Science

Contact Information

If you have any questions for the Center for Citizen Science, please send an e-mail to For questions about the cooperation between science and schools, please write to You can also contact the staff directly, which you will find in the contacts.