For Researchers

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The Center for Citizen Science addresses itself with its offers primarily to researchers and scientific institutions always with society in mind. With the focus on cooperation between science and schools, the awareness of Citizen Science should be raised, especially among teachers and educational institutions.

Current initiatives

Lectures for research institutions

With the lectures for research institutions, the Center for Citizen Science offers CS tutorials, which are intended to give an insight into the topics of public relations, project implementation or the cooperation between science and schools.

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Allianz für Responsible Science

The Alliance for Responsible Science is an association of institutions from the fields of science, research, education and practice, which, under the motto "Taking Responsibility Together", wants to initiate a cultural change in the scientific landscape.

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Citizen Science Award

At the annual "Citizen Science Award" research competition, which is organized and coordinated by the Center for Citizen Science, selected Citizen Science projects invite school classes and individuals to participate in research.

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Citizen Science calls enable researchers to collaborate with citizens on a variety of topics. The Center for Citizen Science lists national and international calls on the website that promote the involvement of the population in research processes.