Responsible Science Pilot Projects

The following first few examples of research projects were selected from the Sparkling Science research funding programme because they meet the goals of Responsible Science in many respects. The program was initiated by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research in which school students actively took over small parts of research projects from 2007 to 2019 and worked on them independently. Even though in these projects not all key dimensions of the RRI concept of the European Commission were provided for, they can be used as examples for how we can successfully put programmatic goals – in this case an improvement of the interface schools/science – into practice while maintaining scientific quality standards. In Sparkling Science this was achieved by means of systematic incentives in the calls for applications.

Sustainable Care

The Sparkling Science project "Sustainable Care" dealt with the potentials of a sustainable care culture in hospitals: This approach addressed the careful and responsible handling of especially elderly, seriously ill, demented and dying patients as well as of scarce ecological, social and financial resources.

Furth information

Blind Bits

In the Sparkling Science project "BlindBits" a barrier-free level editor and player was developed to create orientation training games for blind students. Orientation and mobility training aims to improve the ability of blind people to move from one place to another.

Further information

CSI: Trace your food

The focus of the Sparkling Science project "CSI: Trace your food" was the systematic determination of chemical fingerprints in food from different regions in Austria. The aim was to enable a clear determination of origin. Further information