Call: Submit materials and initiatives to reduce scepticism about science

1. March 2022 YoungSciencePublic Science
Wissenschaft (er)leben - Zukunft gestalten
The OeAD calls on scientific and non-scientific institutions to submit materials and initiatives to reduce scientific scepticism.

Under the motto "Living Science - Shaping the Future", the BMBWF and the OeAD are starting a joint initiative in March to counter the prevailing mistrust of science. One of the initiatives is to compile a collection of materials and initiatives in Austria to inspire children and young people with enthusiasm for science and research and thus curb scepticism about science.

Research institutions and partner institutions of the OeAD are therefore invited throughout March to send their initiatives, podcasts, (teaching) materials, reading tips, etc. that promote the reduction of science scepticism in schools to the Young Science Team. Starting in May 2022, the team will present all offers in a collection on the Young Science website. In this way, teachers can access compact handouts or participate in concrete initiatives or projects to incorporate the topic into their lessons. In addition, participants are invited to tag all ongoing initiatives with the hashtag #YoungScienceRocks.

The Young Science Team of the OeAD is looking forward to receiving numerous initiatives under 

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