Three New Citizen Science Projects at JKU Linz

29. July 2022 Citizen Science
Glühbirnen auf einer Schnur
The Open Innovation in Science Impact Lab at Johannes Kepler University Linz is facilitating three new citizen science projects under the motto "The future we want!"

How can the understanding of artificial intelligence be increased in the population? How can social innovation be rethought? How can people with cancer escape from everyday life through virtual reality? These are the questions addressed by the three lighthouse projects at JKU Linz, which started in early summer 2022.#

The projects in detail

In the How to explain AI project, citizens work side by side with artists and experts from the field of artificial intelligence (AI). In addition to researching the population's understanding of AI, the project also aims to explore how this can be positively influenced.

Open Social Innovation will involve a wide variety of stakeholders along the social innovation process. Through a collaborative competition, innovations with potential will be identified and individual ideas will be piloted.

The VRImind! project is dedicated to the question of how people with advanced cancer can network with each other through virtual artificial intelligence. This is intended to enable barrier-free encounters and mutual support in virtual space.

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