Take Part in Projects

Hand mit Lupe, vergrößert Gänseblümchen © Pixabay/Ander Unibaso Villaverde

Would you like to work on scientific projects? Would you like to support research with your help? Are you interested in history, the environment or human behavior? Worldwide there are a variety of projects you can participate in online, in nature or from home. There are numerous (inter)national project platforms available to help you find a suitable project.

Citizen Science project platforms

In Austria, numerous research institutions carry out CS projects, some of which are presented on their own websites. National project platforms are also nothing new in the German-speaking region. CS projects can be found on Österreich forscht, Schweiz forscht and in Deutschland on Bürger schaffen Wissen. If you look further afield, you will discover CS platforms in many countries worldwide. The search is worthwhile! Because time and again, the Citizen Science projects presented there also offer interested people from abroad the chance to participate. Large international project platforms are for example Scistarter or Zooniverse.

Projects for schools

Citizen Science projects offer students an ideal opportunity to experience research first hand. The topics are varied and can be very well integrated into school lessons. Therefore, the Young Science Center offers a collection of Citizen Science projects for schools on its website.

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