Memorandum of Understanding

Alte Urkunden auf einem Tisch © Pixabay/David Krueger

By signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the members declare their willingness to pursue a number of different Responsible Science goals. In doing so, they understand Responsible Science as an important concept for future-oriented institutional action in the context of scientific and artistic performance requirements and social needs.

Extract from the goals of the Alliance for Responsible Science

  • Translation of societal challenges and general principles into scientific, scientific-artistic as well as institutional strategies, concepts and projects; operationalisation of the concept of the “societal impact factor”
  • Reflexion and integration of relevant concepts, e.g. Citizen Science, Crowdsourcing and Open Innovation in institutional key profile points, research, development and fostering of the arts, teaching and further education
  • Retranslation and return of the scientific and artistic findings into politics and administration, economy and business, media and the civil society