Citizen Science Contact Persons

Hände, die im Kreis aufeinandergelegt werden © Freepik, ijeab

As internal and external interfaces at Austrian institutions from the fields of research, education and society, citizen science contact persons inform interested parties about the topic of "Citizen Science". At network meetings, they regularly exchange information on current topics and initiatives, share experiences and carry this information to their institutions.

Citizen Science contact persons can be found at institutions from research and education in Austria. These include universities, universities of applied sciences, universities of education, non-university research institutions, associations etc. The tasks of the Citizen Science contact persons include providing information on

  • Citizen Science projects or project leaders at the respective institution,
  • support for the development or public relations work of citizen science projects and
  • on research opportunities at the institution as well as
  • the participation in regular network meetings.

At regular intervals, the Center for Citizen Science organises network meetings for the Citizen Science and Young Science contact persons to promote the exchange about their work and current topics in science communication and outreach as well as citizen science. Read more about the contents of the last meetings HERE.

Furthermore, contact persons have the opportunity to take advantage of the ongoing training program on "Citizen Science and Science Communication" of the OeAD Center for Citizen Science, which is specially designed for Young Science and Citizen Science contact persons.


Young science contact persons at research and educational institutions responsible for the area of cooperation between science and schools can be found on the Young-Science-Center website.