Webinar: VERA platform for Citizen Science in social sciences and humanities

WebinarCitizen Science

Participatory research/ citizen science in social sciences and humanities disciplines usually involves small-scale, intense collaborations between members of academic institutions (universities and other research institutions) and members of non-academic organizations that work directly with the community (community-based organizations, non-governmental organizations, civil associations, small businesses etc.).


The VERA platform, which was developed in the European COESO project (Collaborative Engagement on Societal Issues), serves as a “collaboratory” where participatory research/citizen science projects can be realized and new collaborations can be established. In the webinar, the platform will be presented and participants will get guidance on how to use it themselves.

Further information on the VERA platform

Registration (Zoom)

16. January 2024 11:00 to 12:00 online (Zoom) European Citizen Science Association Export Event as iCal