New brochure on the funding program „Sparkling Science 2.0“

29. May 2023 Sparkling ScienceCitizen Science
Gesicht mit zwei Hälften zusammengesetzt aus Foto eines Kindes und Zeichnung von Andre Ampere
The brochure offers insights into the research funding program and presents the 34 current projects.

"Shaping the Future", "Communicating Science and Democracy", "STEM", "Culture and Society", "Inclusion", "In the Lab" - these are the topics covered in six chapters of the new brochure on the "Sparkling Science 2.0" funding program, in which the objectives and research priorities of the 34 funded projects in the 1st call are described.

How science works

The brochure shows how research institutions and schoolchildren benefit from innovative collaboration, regardless of the field of research, for example:

  • The chapter "Shaping the Future," for example, focuses on projects that use their research to convey self-efficacy and show how children and young people can actively collaborate on solutions for the future.
  • The chapters "MINT" and "In the Lab" present projects from technology and the natural sciences that address problems of the modern world.
  • The chapter "Communicating Science and Democracy" is all about projects that aim to strengthen trust in research through participatory formats.

From field reports to facts & figures

In addition to the thematic focal points, the brochure also provides field reports from the projects: In a roundtable discussion, four project leaders describe their personal experiences with citizen science projects. Furthermore, the brochure contains statements by project participants that illustrate the rewarding cooperation with school students.
For those interested in figures, the key data on the 34 projects of the 1st call for proposals are clearly summarized in graphically appealing illustrations.

Download now

The brochure is now available for download free of charge and can also be ordered as a print version from  from June. The brochure will also be published in English shortly.

See the brochure (in German)