Motivating science communication - new materials from the Transfer Unit

1. December 2023 Science communication
Frau hält ein Smartphone
When it comes to more (and better) science communication, scientists still face many barriers.

The research overview, which was compiled by the FourC junior research group on behalf of the Transfer Unit Science Communication, identifies motivational factors and strategies that can help to break down barriers. It looks at academic structures and organizations as well as the opportunities and challenges faced by individual researchers.

One of the obstacles to science communication is that such activities are still considered to be of little relevance to scientific progress and one's own academic career and therefore only few resources are available. In addition, researchers are concerned that they will expose themselves to attacks or that they lack communication skills.

On the other hand, motivating factors include the fun of talking about their own research, the fulfillment of a social duty and the opportunity to be a role model.

The publication is available on the Transfer Unit's website and also contains recommendations for institutions.The Transfer Unit is organizing a lunch talk with the authors on 13 December 2023. The materials and the event are in German.