Citizen Science: Pathways to Impact and why Participant Diversity Matters

Citizen Science

Citizen science has a problem with engaging diverse participants, with a growing number of studies showing those most marginalised in society, who could benefit most from citizen science activities, are the least likely to participate. The full implications of this lack of diversity for what citizen science can achieve remains unexplored. In this webinar supported by the ECSA and Living Knowledge Equity, Inclusion and Empowerment working group, Rachel Pateman will share work from a recent Citizen Science: Theory and Practice article, 'Citizen Science: Pathways to Impact and why Participant Diversity Matters'.

This talk will share their insights from this work and include an active discussion amongst talk attendees on the authors' call for 'greater imagination in exploring, testing, and sharing ways in which barriers to participation can be understood and overcome to open citizen science up to all and to achieve its potential.'

February 28, 2024, 14:00-15:30 CET

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