Event review: Sparkling Science conference in Innsbruck

28. February 2024 Sparkling Science
Junge Personen halten eine Präsentation
For the first time, all current projects with Tyrolean participation came together for the Sparkling Science conference. The participating students presented their research.

The "Sparkling Science 2.0" program is currently funding nine projects that are being managed and implemented in Tyrol. The topics range from health research to ecology and education. However, all of these citizen science projects have one thing in common: pupils are involved in the research.

During the conference on February 22, they therefore presented their research results together with the scientists. First, each project had seven minutes to present itself. Creative formats were required. Videos, a sketch, a poem and multimedia presentations provided insights into the research work. Over 350 participants took part - most on site in Innsbruck, some virtually via stream. As organizations and partner schools in other federal states were also involved, everyone was able to take part.

This was followed by a tour of the nine project stands. The projects, eight led by the University of Innsbruck and one led by VASCage, were able to answer questions from the press and participants and provide further project materials.

In the afternoon, 20 experienced researchers, young scientists and teachers met in an open discussion format and reflected on the (positive) impact the implementation of a Sparkling Science project has on their own scientific career and how to avoid possible stumbling blocks.

A list of the projects with Tyrolean participation that were presented at the conference can be found in this article. All currently funded Sparkling Science projects are listed here.