Microbes in food production - teenagers sample cheese and kitchens

In the Sparkling Science project Micro-Tramper, students conduct research on microbes along the food chain. To do this, they sample e.g. cheese and household kitchens and then analyse the DNA. 

In the interview, project leader Ass. Prof. Evelyne Selberherr of the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna speaks about what happens in the citizen science project. A student also gets a word and describes in her feedback what surprised her in the project. 

  • What is the "Micro-Tramper" project about?
  • Why did you choose the citizen science approach?
  • How do students conduct research as part of the project?
  • What happens after the project ends?
  • What was the nicest feedback you received?
  • In three words: What is Sparkling Science 2.0 for you?

Thank you for the interview!

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